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Important curling news and information

February 25, 2024

Here is the latest news that you should know:

  • The Ladder: the game schedule for Round 4 in the Ladder competition has been posted on the “Ladder” page.
  • House League: the game schedule and team rosters for round 2 in the House League, which is the Pat Lid, has been posted on the “House League” page.
  • The 2022-2023 Ladder Championship: congratulations to Team Rob Maclean with Joel Amyotte and Matt Stevens at lead, Allan Jones as second and Dan Beliveau as third for winning the Ladder championship by beating Team Benoit Legault, with Suzanne Beckman and Bradley Craig as lead, Carlo Santa Maria as second and Mike Simms as third in the deciding final game. It was good to see Rob Maclean back on the ice as seen here in a photo taken by Barbara Mason.
    2023-04-22 Rob Maclean on the ice

    Team Jay Oland, with Bab Barta at lead, David Singh at second and John MacArthur at third won the Hudson Trophy by beating team Benoit Legault with Linda Hougan at lead, Jennifer Hallessey at second and Phil Santa Maria at third. A link to photos taken during the games has been posted on the Archives and Photos page.

  • The 2022-2023 Closing Bonspiel:.congratulations to Ed de la Durantaye and his rink, which included Ashton Legault, Jack Perra, Jacob Townsend and Joel Amyotte for winning the “A” competition. In the final game they defeated Team Benoit Leagult, which included Eric Schmedt, Paul Harman and Linda Hougan. In the “B” final, the game went to an extra end where Team Nick Townsend, which included Luc Dionne, Eric Bourgeois and Suzanne Beckman, finally prevailed over Team Alexandra Legault, which included Katie Perra, Kylene Mak and Olivia Vilon. A link to photos taken during the games has been posted on the Archives and Photos page.
  • House League Vice-President Trophy: congratulations to Barbara Robinson and her team, which included James Papp as lead, Norm Castator as second and Derek Martin as third for winning the Vice-President Trophy. In the decisive game they defeated the Jay Oland rink.
  • The Ladder: congratulations to Rob Maclean and his rink, which included Joel Amyotte, Matt Stevens, Allan Jones and Dan Beliveau, for winning the regular season Ladder championship. The top eight teams in the standings will begin the Ladder playoffs starting on Tuesday, April 4.
  • Social Curling Gray Trophy: congratulations to Carlo Santa Maria and the rest of his team, which included  Mario Dube as lead, Vicki Lalumiere as second and Jacob Townsend as third for winning the Gray Trophy in the Social Curling League. In the championship game they defeated Team Horan. Images alleging to be photos of the action on the ice during the championship game as well as the 3rd place match have been posted on the “Archives and Photos” page.
  • Social Curling Blaise Trophy: congratulations to Nick Townsend and the rest of his band of merry men with brooms, which included Keith Dugas as lead, Mario Dube as second and Eli Zubis-Tanona as third for winning the Blaise Trophy in the Social Curling League. In the championship game they defeated Team Lee. Photos of the action on the ice during the championship game as well as the 3rd place match have been posted on the “Archives and Photos” page.
  • Lakeshore Bonspiel: congratulations to Jay Oland and his team for winning the Lake St-Louis Trophy in the “B” division.
  • Ham-and-Turkey bonspiel: .the finals of this end-of-the-year bonspiel took place on Friday, Dec. 16. In the “A” final, team Poulter kept it close for the first 3 ends but Team Oland made some great shots after that to build up a large lead and the game ended after 6 ends. Congratulations to the skip Jay Oland and the rest of his rink, which included Lydia Santa Maria as lead, Linda Hougan as second (sparing for John Dalgarno) and Scott Lawrence at third.
    In the “B” final Team Sewell jumped out to a 5-0 lead after 3 ends but Team Langdon made a big comeback and the game went down to the last rock in the 8-th end where Bill Langdon’s team was only able to steal one point and the game finished 8-7 for Team Sewell. Congratulations to Steve Sewell and the rest of his rink, which included Brenda Rolfe as lead, Mike Homsey as second and John Coutts as third. Photos of all the teams who played in the finals are posted on the Bonspiels page.
  • Winnie’s Office Party: the 2022 edition of this long running tradition finished with the usual gift exchange. As always, one of the gifts was the ‘kooky hat’ and this year’s winner turned out to be Ed de la Durantaye, aka Curly Peppermint Buns, shown proudly displaying his new head gear in the photo below:
    2022 Winnie's Office Party kooky hat recipient

    In other competitive events which took place there, the winner of the ugly Christmas sweater in the women’s division was Jennifer Patterson while the winner in the men’s division, solely because of the judging panel’s particular bias, was Nick Townsend. A consolation prize was awarded to Lynda Putnam.

  • Social Curling Seguin Trophy: congratulations to Roger Lauzon and the rest of her rink, which included Andrew Dumas as second, Vicki Lalumičre as lead and Eli Zubis-Tanona as third for winning the Seguin Trophy in the Social Curling League. In the championship game they defeated Team Townsend.
  • House League President Trophy: congratulations to Lynda Putnam and the rest of her rink, which included Lance Hodgson as second, Gary White as lead and John Coutts as third for winning the President Trophy in the House League. In the decisive game they defeated Team Bill Langdon 13-4.
  • Lakeshore Bonspiel 2020: this year’s competition finished on Sunday. Many thanks to all the volunteers who made it possible, from Sandy, Marge, Barbara and Susanne preparing the meals to Steve, Rod and Terry setting things up and taking care of the logistics.
    Even though no team from our club made it to the final day of competition, we were still represented very well by our excellent junior curler Zach Amyotte who played third on the Cedric Maurice team which won the “A” division trophy. Here he is with his team mates and coach:

    2020 Lakeshore Bonspiel

    From left to right are:

    5th player: Charles Patton (Laval-sur-le-Lac)
    Lead: Amber Gargul (Pointe-Claire)
    2nd: Mathis Pedneault (Laval-sur-le-Lac)
    3rd: Zach Amyotte (HUDSON LEGION)
    Skip: Cedric Maurice (Laval-sur-le-Lac)

    and coach: Marc Pednault (Laval-sur-le-Lac)

  • 2017 Quebec Senior Men’s Curling Championship banner: during the Open House event that took place on Oct. 5 (“Hey dummy, take a look at the calendar, it’s the end of November.” Yes, we know, thank you.) our very own Rob Maclean presented to our freshly minted new club president Jay de la Durantaye as well as his wise predecessor Glenn Ruiter the banner for the Quebec Senior Men’s Curling Championship that he and his rink  won back in March of 2017. Here is a photo to prove it.
    2017 QC Senior Men's Championship banner presentation

    That banner is now proudly displayed in the curling shed among the other championship that Rob and other members of our club have collected over the years.

  • Social media presence: the Hudson Legion Curling Club has finally arrived in the 21st century and we now have our very own page on Facebook as well as a Twitter account. If you have you own Facebook or Twitter account then you can either like us or follow us in order to receive updates. Our Facebook page is at www.facebook.com/HLCurling and our Twitter feed is on www.twitter.com/HLCurling
  • Club brooms: we have purchased some new brooms to be used as communal property by anyone who does not have one, forgot one or is simply too damn cheap to buy their own. They will be available inside the shed and we are being assured by the person responsible for this purchase that you will not be able to miss them (but try anyway).







Curling jackets are available


starting on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010


$85, all taxes included



The jackets look as shown on this photo and they are available in small, medium large and extra large sizes. They will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Once the current stock is exhausted it will take 6-8 weeks for a new order to arrive. Please contact Bob Fournier to purchase a jacket.



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