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Other sources of information about curling
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Here is a list of curling-related web sites that we find useful and interesting. If you know of any other web site that you think should be included here then please let us know.

The links are grouped into the following categories:

Links specific to our curling club

Regulatory and governing bodies

Links to curling clubs

Curling events and competitions

Curling news and media

Curling commentary and opinion

Curling supplies and equipment

Maps of curling clubs around Montreal and rest of Quebec

Articles and reports related to curling

Information about curling camps



Links specific to our curling club

Site name


Hudson Legion  archives

Images, news and curling results from past seasons

Regulatory and governing bodies

Site name


Royal Caledonian Curling Club

The national curling body for Scotland

World Curling Federation

The international body that regulates the sport of curling

Canadian Curling Association

The national curling body for Canada

Quebec Curling Association

The Quebec provincial curling regulatory body

Ottawa Valley Curling Association

Association of curling clubs in the Ottawa area

Ontario Curling Association

The body that regulates the 200 or so curling clubs in Southern Ontario

Northern Ontario Curling Association

The association of curling clubs in Northern Ontario

Links to curling clubs

Instead of reinventing the wheel so to speak and posting information about other clubs that can already be found in other places, we would recommend going to the Curling Quebec web site which contains a very detailed and up-to-date list.

Here is the link to that site: http://www.curling-quebec.qc.ca/index.asp?id=158

Curling events and competitions

Site name


Curling calendar

A very useful website with information about a lot of curling competitions and bonspiels in Canada and around the world

Season of Champions

Coverage of major curling championship events in Canada

Grand Slam of Curling

Special curling competitions


Montreal Regional Curling Association

Defi Masters Challenge

Web site for the Master Challenge curling series

Colts Curling

The Colts curling series


Source of information about Canadian curling events

Curling Estrie

Information about curling events in the Eastern Townships


Annual funspiel fund raising event

Link to Legion Curling portal

Coverage of provincial and national Legion curling events

Link to Lakeshore Bonspiel website

Web site dedicated to the annual Lakeshore Bonspiel event

Link to Town of Hudson website

Web site for the annual Town of Hudson Bonspiel

Curling news and media

Site name


TSN curling

Curling coverage on the TSN network

CBC curling

Curling coverage on the CBC network

The Curling News

The on-line version of the monthly publication

Curling commentary and opinion

Site name


Curl with math

A great site that deals with decision making from a mathematical perspective

Curling history

A great source of information about the history of curling maintained by David B Smith and Bob Cowan.

Skip Cottage Curling

A great blog about curling in Scotland and elsewhere

Curling Zone

Independent source of information and commentary about all sorts of curling topics

The Curler

Resby Coutts’ curling blog

In the House

Mike Fournier’s blog about curling in Quebec and Eastern Canada


A site that provides a description of the sport and its rules

Coach Bill

Bill Tschirhart’s view of the world from behind the glass.

Electric Scotland

A great resource on information about Scotland including the history of curling.

Curling supplies and equipment

Site name


Hogline Curling

A store In Ottawa that is also our sponsor

Map of curling clubs: Montreal area and Eastern Ontario

The Google map below shows the location of curling clubs that are near the Hudson Legion in the Montreal area and in eastern Ontario. In order to view this map in larger scale on its own page please click on this link.

The clubs are grouped by the number of curling sheets and then alphabetically in each group. The following convention is used in the map:

 black = Hudson Legion

green = 2 sheets

yellow = 3 sheets

 red = 4 sheets

dark blue = 5 sheets

gray = 6 sheets

Map of curling clubs: rest of Quebec

The Google map below will shows the location of the curling clubs in the rest of Quebec. In order to view this map in larger scale on its own page please click on this link.

The clubs are first grouped by the number of curling sheets and then alphabetically within each group. The following convention is used in the map:

 black = Hudson Legion

green = 2 sheets

yellow = 3 sheets

 red = 4 sheets

dark blue = 5 sheets

gray = 6 sheets

Links to articles and reports about curling

Title of the article


“Everybody must get stoned”

King Kaufman, writer for Salon.com, shares his experiences with curling

“Slide show - curling face”

A series of photos taken during curling competition at the Olympic games.

“The pregnant Olympian”

An article by Tracy Clark-Flory about one of the members of the Canadian women’s Olympic curling team.

“Olympic curling teams take their sport seriously”

An article about curling from the Miami Herald

“The Simpsons to take part in Winter Olympics - sort of”

An article about an episode of The Simpsons in which Homer makes it to the US Olympic curling team

“Top 10 surprising things about curling”

David Letterman’s top 10 list from 2010.

“Top 10 ways to make curling more exciting”

David Letterman’s top 10 from 2002.

Answers to stupid questions about curling

The answers that we wished we had when non-curlers ask us those “arggh” type of questions about our sport

Changing the game

An article on Skip Cottage Curling web site which describes a range of changes that the RCCC is considering to the rules of curling

Decline in Curling Reflects Ethnic Changes

An article from the Orlando Sun-Sentinel written by a Washington Post reporter about the impact that the changing makeup of the Canadian society has on traditional canadian sports such as curling

Links to information about curling camps

Site name



List of junior and adult curling camps from all around Canada. This list is not always up-to-date but it still has enough information to be useful.